The Roles and Duties of the Air Marshal in the Criminal Justice Field

The job of an Air Marshal is exciting and dangerous. It is not a job for those who are weak at the heart. If you are one of those who is forever bitten with wanderlust and want to see new destinations every day then this job is for you.

However, first let us understand the roles and responsibilities of an Air Marshal in the criminal justice field. The job of an Air Marshal is to take care of the law enforcement aspect of flying. The main responsibility of an Air Marshall is that they need to protect the crew and passengers from terrorist attacks.

Below are the basic rules and responsibilities of the Air Marshal:

1. Air Marshals needs to be able to masquerade as normal travelers and blend in with the crowd...

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Offers By Medical Travel Agent Preferably Need to be Customized

The work of a medical travel agent is quite important in the world of today, where people are ready to take up medical tourism offers. But the work has to be done in a manner which suits the needs and wishes of the customers. The concept of medical tourism is not entirely new. The innovation has been in the manner in which it is packaged these days so that the customers are happy about the whole tour affair mixed with proper health care facilities.

The packaging of the medical tourism offers is something that has been the selling point of this concept. There is nothing wrong in making people aware about the different types of health benefits they can avail of, in different parts of the country and in different hospitals...

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Which Sort of Mexico Vacation Package Will Suit You?

When you think of enjoying resorts in Mexico then you’ll probably consider Rocky Point Mexico beaches. Apart from this, there are several resorts in Mexico where you can relax under the sun at the beaches enjoying the breeze. Find out the best Mexico vacation package and make your family trip here.

With your make little searching, you will come across many vacation packages in Mexico that can offer you several destinations and spots. Thus, it’s up to you what you consider to see and enjoy. You need to figure out which ancient city and archeological sites you do not afford to miss! In accordance with these your requirements you could consider selecting a vacation traveling package in Mexico.

Quite a few know that Cancun as along with the Riviera Maya is often considered to be...

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Manifesto of the Russian Party of Bolsheviks. Part II

The VKPB didn’t reject dictatorship of the proletariat. But how they understand it? “Dictatorship of the proletariat is state power in favor of workers, peasants and labor intelligentsia” – VKPB newspaper “Za diktaturu proletariata” (“For dictatorship of the proletariat”) proposes as basic slogan. Notice: not “state power of workers”, but “state power in favor of workers”, i.e. bourgeois power may be dictatorship of the proletariat too, if it have made some reforms “in favor of workers”. Furthermore, it is incomprehensible at all, how VKPB put peasants and intelligentsia in this concept. “Party of socialist-revolutionaries [S. R...

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Look For Travel Arrangement Services For Comfortable And Memorable Journey

Who doesn’t wish to explore the magnificence of historical Roman architecture or the beauty of exotic Caribbean Islands? Almost every one of us wants to roam around the world and witness the splendid creativity of nature. There are people who plan a trip at the year’s start and arrange the things accordingly; whereas, some wanderers prefer to pack a bag and leave for the desired destination without giving a second thought about the arrangements and other things. There are numerous dimensions to the need of traveling. Sometimes, it’s a hobby. At other times, it’s a passion or a sustaining force. Call it anything but the travel-lust does not leave you idle for a single day. You would get crazy for wearing your travel shoes and begin on the brilliant trip ahead.

When traveling ...

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Safety First When Vacationing For Enjoyment

You can easily come across numerous basic safety guidelines online and in offline sources. Vacationing is among the most frequent recreation of men and women, be it for pleasure or for business. Frequent travelers are no longer unaware to most of these basic safety pointers simply because they make full use of them whenever they are on a unfamiliar place. If you would like make the most of your trip, safety first when traveling will be most important.

Here are some of the important things that you can do to guarantee your safety:

1. While traveling, it is but normal that you carry luggage. If you need to put luggage tags, just write your email address and never indicate there your name, phone number, and residential address.


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Travel Packing Organizer Cubes for a Tidy Luggage

Packing Cube is a great piece of accessory designed to hold clothes, shoes, and all sorts of items. Its ability to nicely fit inside any luggage, backpack, duffel, suitcase, or the carry bag makes packing organiser cubes a very handy utility. It ensures that the clothes stay wrinkles free; keeps different items organized; and fits a range of apparels into a single piece of luggage. This is the reason why packing cubes are some of the most selling travel accessories for household and commercial use and for packing a lot of items while reducing the luggage size. Packing organiser cubes comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which makes them a fantastic choice to be used in travel bags of different sizes and types.

And when it comes to buying a genuine and ...

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What Makes Vacation Houses For Lease One Of The Most Successful Lodging Options

Going on vacation is a wonderful thing to do . When you take a vacation, you have lot of different things to think about . After choosing the sought after location, the next thing to consider is where to stay. There are plenty of lodges, resorts, and hotels in the destination areas that are full with visitors. But staying at a hotel might not be the best option. It is better to stay at one of the many cabin rentals, beach rentals, condo rentals, or vacation rentals and vacation by owner rentals that are available.

Choosing the right vacation houses for lease is part of vacation planning . Why choose a hotel when you could stay in your own vacation villa? Having extra space will make your stay memorable.

It is very important to pick a place that offers low-priced living...

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Despite IM Threats, Arvind Kejriwal Denies Security Covers

It appears that Kejriwal is a brave man. After the suspected plans of terror outfit Indian Mujahideen to abduct Arvind Kejriwal for release of its key member Yasin Bhatkal, state police have shown concern on chief minister’s security. But Kejriwal is not in a mood to accept the security forces provided to him by the Delhi police. The chief minister is said to have doubted the police version and thus refused to take up any security forces for him or for his any party leader.

A day ago few members of the security wing of Delhi police briefed Kejriwal about the terror outfit’s plan that they received from the intelligence agencies and requested him to take up ‘Z’ category security cover...

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Browsing Online Websites for Comprehensive Travel Information and Tips

Whether you are a travel freak or a perfect wanderer on vacation, you always want to access worthy information about the places to know more and explore more. After all, you itinerary depends upon your information and its credibility. If you have comprehensive information including, but not limited to, place or spot’s overview, fast fact, history, culture, maps, travel within the tourist spots, photos, flight deals, number of hotels, hotel booking information and much more, then you can conveniently take your travel decisions. In fact, you can decide your priorities as well as allocate your budget well in advance.

For complete information about a place, you need to access reputable and credible online websites offering comprehensive information from photos ...

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Enjoy Your Travel – Put Safety First

Traveling is considered the most common activity of people, whether for pleasure or business. For frequent travelers they are no longer ignorant of these safety advices because they use of this whenever they are in a foreign place. If you do want to make the most of the trip, safety first must be of utmost importance.

When you travel, it is but natural for you to carry luggage. When you place luggage tags, just put your email address never indicate there your name, home address and phone number.

Air traveling is part of traveling when going abroad or to a very far place. You can see sometimes on the news that there are terrorists who sometimes hijack planes. One effective shield that you could use against an attacker would be the seat straps...

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4 Factors To Consider Before Choosing a Vacation Destination

For some people, a vacation is a vacation. It doesn’t really matter where they end up, as long as there’s adventure involved. For the rest of us, we need to be meticulous about every detail so we get our money’s worth. There are a lot of things that you need to consider before choosing a destination for your getaway, such as which airlines to use or what modes of transportations and combinations thereof are cheaper. However, before you even start thinking about how to get there, think about these following four factors.


It’s kind of a no-brainer. Before you even consider going anywhere, check your finances. If it’s doesn’t seem enough for a fun trip, it probably isn’t. However, there are a lot of things you can do to fit in a good vacation in a limited budget...

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The Revolution

Islamic Terror
by quapan

Events in the Middle East are rapidly moving toward total chaos. Eyes worldwide are directed toward every country except the one that is most important–Israel. It has been called the “world’s canary in the coal mine.”.Each of the countries that surround Israel–Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt–is in upheaval to some degree. The only matter on which all can agree is their hatred for Israel and the Jewish people.

Sorrowfully, the Liberal Left in America has drawn a line in the sand and stepped over to the other side–away from our long-time ally, Israel. President Barack Obama’s one-world view has placed him squarely alongside the United Nations. He has cast his lot with those who would see Israel stripped, bleeding, and impotent to defend herself...

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Prelude to War. Part III

Developing an effective defensive strategy and force structure is entirely predicated on understanding near and possible long-term threats. Unlike the past, the acquisition cycle of materiel, training and subsequent deployment of new technologies and weapons systems is a long-term commitment, perhaps 30 years. This means we have to try to predict and cater for all possible threat scenarios that might eventuate in the next thirty years. Historically we barely get the next twelve months right. WWII is an excellent example. Despite the ravings of Hitler for over ten years, we were not prepared, indeed it seems most politicians were surprised. It appears we are burying our heads in the sand once again...

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Enjoy Sport Vacation Destinations Offer A Lot More Than Just Sports!

Love sport? Love holidaying and vacations? Have you ever thought of combining the two? I’m guessing that’s a no. But guess what’s the latest offer in the tourism industry? Yep, you got it, sport vacations. So what exactly, is a sport vacation? It is as simple as the name suggests – a vacation which combines your two great loves – travelling and sport.

What Is Sport Tourism

For example, if you are a huge fan of football or soccer, you would love to see a game live, right? So why not get together with all your like minded pals and go for a vacation to a city in which a tournament is being played and if your favourite teams are part of the tournament then it’s absolute bliss! But even if you’re neutral for all intents and purposes, then you can still get caught up in all the ex...

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What is proletariat? Part I

What is proletariat?
Let’s consider the article of Aleksey Trofimov “Revisionist Gachikus’ valuable acknowledgement”, in which he answers to my article “Double standards or taking into account concrete-historical peculiarities?”. I shall note from the beginning, that Trofimov continues to distort my views. He writes that I, i.e. Gachikus

“… deduced the tactics of defeat of the own government (in World War II – A. G.) from one bare fact, that economical order which ruled in USSR was capitalism, not socialism; from his statement, that Stalin’s oppression was supposedly none the better than Hitler’s one; his analysis comes to nothing more than this fact, i.e. he in fact didn’t take into account concrete-historical peculiarities, which distinguished 1941 from 1917…”


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Is Travel Insurance Really Necessary?

Is travel insurance a rip-off? That is a simple question with a complicated answer. To properly understand this issue, you should first understand what travel insurance is. The definition of travel insurance is fairly straightforward -it’s short term insurance that covers you while you are on vacation. Travel insurance coverage depends on the parameters of the policy, but in general it extends to lost or broken luggage, thefts that happen during your vacation, medical needs that might arise during your vacation and lost personal items.

There have been many documented occasions of travel insurers being downright fraudulent. The internet is rife with examples...

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Cyber Operations and Cyber Terrorism

Cyber operations entail getting behind the most serious aspects of cyber terrorism and leading to the capture of those perpetrating cyber crimes.

Our society’s dependence on the Internet for public and private institutions in the critical sectors of government, defense, emergency services, public health, even the basics of food and water, put us at great risk of cyber terrorism. Telecommunications, transportation, banking, and the like are all conducted via the Internet and this dependence creates a frightening scenario.

Cyberspace is composed of hundreds of computers, servers, routers, switches and fiber-optic cables that allow the system to work. Any act of cyber terrorism against any of these institutions is a violation to our national security.

The goal of cyber oper...

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Benefits of Destination Guides

Nowadays, most of the people consider vacations to be a great idea of relaxation and fun. All over the world, people are longing and planning to experience the most viewed vacation destinations. These days’ people would like to explore new places and a lot more exotic spots around the world. If you will search on the internet to get more details about the best destinations, then always remember to visit Here, you will get the set of right articles which explain you about the destinations and traveling. All these articles are specially created for providing a lot of information about every possible place available on the earth. This destination guides include all special features about vacation places...

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The US Will Suffer A Nuclear Attack Within Ten Years

The US will suffer a nuclear or biological attack within ten years. Other countries will suffer similar fates. How do we know this? Pretty simple really. Our enemies tell us repeatedly they wish to hurt us and try to do so frequently. Very shortly they will have the WMD tools to not just hurt us but destroy us. Worse still, states now acquiring nuclear capability will quickly pass the tools onto terrorists and then hide behind the cloak of innocence protected by countries such as China and Russia. The subsequent attack on the west will be driven and organised by exponents of Islam, funded and supplied by Islamic states.

In these attacks tens and hundreds of thousands will die, perhaps millions. Economies will be crippled...

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Enjoy 7 nights 8 days STAR PRIDE Cruise with The Travel Authority

The Travel authority has been one of the largest American Travel Representatives. It has been organizing Cruise Vacations, Family Travel, Business Travel, Romantic Travel and All-Inclusive Vacations. So, The Travel Authority once again brings 7 nights 8 days cruise from Barcelona to Civitavecchia (Rome).

Day 1: Barcelona
Barcelona is the vibrant capital of Catalonian Spain which has world’s finest treasures in Barcelona’s museums and monuments. Stroll along Las Ramblas, where street vendors and performers vie for your attention. Explore the many churches and cathedrals of Barcelona.

Day 2: Port Vendres
Venture on an excursion from France´s Catalan city of Port Vendres to the area´s historic monuments including the Castillet, a pink Citadel; etc...

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The Apartments In Rome Trap

It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling locally or internationally, there are certain risks and uncertainties you have to contend with along the way. The best protection before embarking on such travel is to buy travel insurance.

Travel insurance gives you the rest of mind you need from the start of your travel to the time you return back into your home. If you think such travel insurance are not necessary, think again; anything can occur while you are away from your home. Also, don’t think you can solve all the financial problems that might occur while you are on such travels. When one gets travel insurance, all such travel related difficulties are effectively handled.

Here’s something you don’t see every day on a travel insurance policy: war or terrorism...

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Choosing a Great Last-Minute Vacation

Planning a vacation well in advance is one of the strategies that many people employ to get the very best deal possible. Unfortunately, planning six months or a year in advance is not practical for many travelers. Sometimes work and other commitments make such advanced planning impossible.

Rest assured it’s still possible to get a good deal and have a great vacation even when your plans are last minute. There are many websites that can assist you in making last-minute vacation plans, some of which are designed like checklists to help you ensure that you don’t miss any pertinent details in your rush to make travel arrangements and book hotel accommodations.

Travel websites like also usually include a hot list of vacation destinations...

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News Roundup: Laptop Ban, Miami Passport Agency, and More

This month, the laptop ban once again dominates the travel news! In our May roundup of the most important travel stories, we’ll take an in-depth look at the ban on electronics in airplane cabins. (This is a hot topic – stay tuned for more updates from!)

We’ve also got an update on the status of the Miami Passport Agency, which flooded last month. Finally, if you are traveling to Europe, you’ll want to check out the latest news about entry procedures for Italy and France!

Will the Laptop Ban be Expanded?

This week, news broke that the United States is considering extending the ban on laptops in carry-on luggage...

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Vacationing In The Caribbean: Popular Summer Vacation Destinations

The Caribbean is famous for its variety of small islands, warm climate, wonderful hotel resorts, and amazing beaches. The atmosphere created by in the Caribbean is ideal for those seeking to get married, honeymooners, or simply couples seeking to get away. While the Caribbean might appeal to those searching for romance, it is likewise an excellent area to vacation with your family.

Just like any other place of the world, choosing a Caribbean vacation destination can be a tough task. In the Caribbean, you will find a lot of vacation destinations to choose from and they’re all very similar, in one way or another...

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The Ugly Side of Apartments In Rome

Traveling outside one’s country or even within the country always has its risks and uncertainties. This is where travel insurance becomes very pertinent.

Most travel insurance ensures your safety and protection from the time you step out of your home to the time you get back into your home. Traveling always has the risk of something distasteful happening along the way. Also, don’t ignore the tendency of suffering some colossal financial loss along the way. Getting travel insurance assures one of adequate cover even in the face of such travel related problems.

Here’s something you don’t see every day on a travel insurance policy: war or terrorism. Sure there are firms that cover that, but you don’t run into those all the time...

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Hire Best Travel Agents To Make Your New York Journey Fruitful

From incredibly wonderful seashores, high mountains, pleasant waterways to panoramic parks, New York is blessed with an abundance of natural scenic wonders. Wow, it’s holiday time!! Do you wish to explore the natural wonders of New York? If yes, then the city welcomes you with open heart. From the Metropolitan Museum of Art to Ellis Island, the city awaits with several compelling attractions. Considered to be a granddaddy of the city’s natural attractions, Niagara Falls attracts every traveler. It is, in fact, the world’s greatest wonders and the views awestruck every visitor’s eyes. The several attractions of the land are key to your enjoyment and pleasure. While on your trip, visit Central Park which is the first large city park in the United States...

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Because Terrorist At The Beginning

The United States Government policy on terrorism is rock solid. The US will never make a deal with terrorists. Should it be that an American ignores the warning in the consulate web pages or absolutely must travel through the area, the US will look to the host government and its international legal responsibility to protect travelers abducted by territories within its boarders and bring about safe release from the travel hostage situation.

The US is constantly working with these governments across the world from the outset of any hostage-taking incident. It is their aim to ensure that US citizens and any other victims are released unharmed as quickly and safely as possible.
However, the state department can reiterate enough that it is policy to never make a deal with terrori...

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Popular Mexican Spring Break Destinations You’ll Love

One of the numerous explanations for why Mexico is a popular vacation destination for college students is because of the legal age for drinking is different from the United States-the legal age is just eighteen. That law permits nearly students to drink alcohol during the spring break, an activity that everyone of them can enjoy.

While vacationing in Mexico, there are a nearly unlimited number of vacation destinations which you could pick from. If you’re keen on socializing, or spending time with your friends, you’ve a ton of places to choose from and several of those spots will be beach locations.

The more popular spring break destination within Mexico, if not the entire planet, is Cancun which is literally loaded with drinking establishments as well as nightspots, so if yo...

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rise in terrorism

For one to gain a deeper understanding of terrorism, one has to appreciate that it is perceived to be as human being realised that they could influence political opinion through violence. This is evidenced by groups like the 1st Century’s Sicarii (Horsley, 1979). a Jewish group renowned for its campaigns against the roman rulers, or even the creators of the word “assassins” which bore its roots from the Islamic sect of the 11th to 13th Century, Hashhashin (Von Hammer, 1835). Another important subject in regards to the history of terrorism is the reign of terror period of September 1793 to July 1794 in France. This was characterised by mass executions by the reigning Jacobins so as to scare those opposed to the regime (Johnson 1990).

After this, terrorism has greatl...

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Myanmar Travel advices and tips for a perfect vacation

When you land in Myanmar, you’ll probably fly into the capital, Yangoon, and be thrown into a cultural and Buddhist society that influenced from the Hindu culture a lot. This city is the essential way to begin any Myanmar Travel.

Myanmar is one of the perfect destinations yet idyllic and cultural that has been boom its tourism to the western holiday makers, this is a country that attracts travelers from all around the globe. Myanmar is also a family travel destination as well as the elderly religious peoples that want a deeper place for their soul and mind.

However, travelling in Myanmar has something other than just the touristy things and the usual sightseeing...

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Puran Doshi fighting back during 26/11 Mumbai Attacks

The 2008 Mumbai attacks were a series of attacks that took place in November 2008, when 10 members of Lashkar-e-Taiba, an Islamic militant organisation based in Pakistan, carried out a series of 12 coordinated shooting and bombing attacks lasting four days across Mumbai. The attacks, which drew widespread global condemnation, began on Wednesday, 26 November and lasted until Saturday, 29 November 2008, killing 164 people and wounding at least 308.
Eight of the attacks occurred in South Mumbai: at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, the Oberoi Trident, the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, Leopold Cafe, Cama Hospital, the Nariman House Jewish community centre, the Metro Cinema, and in a lane behind the Times of India building and St. Xavier’s College...

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Vacationing in the Caribbean – Popular Summer Vacation Destinations

The Caribbean is famous for its collection of small islands, warm climate, wonderful hotel resorts, and amazing beaches. The atmosphere created in the Caribbean is ideal for those looking to get married, honeymooners, or just couples looking to get away. While the Caribbean may appeal to those looking for romance, it is also a great area to vacation with your family.

As with any other area of the world, selecting a Caribbean vacation destination can be a difficult task. In the Caribbean there are so many vacation destinations to choose from and they are all similar, in one way or another...

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Back to the Future: Travelling Home

Back to the Future would be very a different film if Marty McFly had been equipped with a little cheap travel insurance. Marty takes a trip to the unfamiliar world of 1955 and his entire existence is thrown into danger as he tries to contrive a way home to 1985. We can use his story to demonstrate how useful travel insurance can be when you encounter ‘mild peril’ on your journeys.

Things just don’t go smoothly for Michael J. Fox’s character, Marty McFly. Just seconds after seeing his good friend Doc Brown (played by Christopher Lloyd) gunned down by Libyan terrorists he is forced to escape in an experimental time machine, leaving a trail of fire behind...

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Travel Packing Organizer Bags – For Easy packing

The most important thing that we need to keep in our mind while traveling is to decide on what and how to pack our luggage as it solely determines the extent of our luggage and the weight of our load. The priority should be to arrange the bag in such a way so that you can pack everything you need in the smallest area possible. A good way to achieve this is to prepare a packing list that facilitates what needs to be packed and where. This idea here is to ensure that you don’t forget any of the important stuff that you might need while traveling, and pack everything in an organized way.

During the travel, people are often seen struggling to find the items from their travel bags and to keep their luggage arranged because of the lack of a proper place to put their clothing and ot...

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Cyber King from Russia, American Princess: Anatoliy Golod, Tiffany Trump do good active world!

Moscow, Russia, April 14, 2017 – *This message is in different government organisations

Good day! It is good to meet to discuss a possibility to create the coordination council on improvement the relations between Russia and the USA, to do good relations. It can help quicker to improve information policy and a situation in the world. Preparation the initiatives for good development for good decisions together for improvement the social, economic and information policy will be the council”s tasks; informational reaction about controversial questions, making arguments so that to improve a spirit for all, other momentous tasks. (this news big version also is published on the web pages: Cyber King from Russian Federation, American Princess. Anatoliy Golod, Tiffany Trump. (www...

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A Review of the Best Family Beach Vacation Locations

If you are looking to go on a beach vacation with the family this summer then you may be wondering where the best destinations are. If you are struggling with where you could possibly go to have the best vacation then here you will find some ideas which will hopefully help you to make a decision to best suit your family’s needs.

Some of the Best Family Beach Vacation Resorts

There are a large number of destinations which would be perfect to take the family for a beach vacation. However, some of the best locations tend to be:

Maui Florida California Georgia

Maui is by far one of the most popular family beach vacation destinations. The west coast of Maui in particular is extremely popular as there are many beaches that could give you the ideal beach vacation...

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Does Hezbollah Matter? Check Open Source Intelligence Analysis or a Counterterrorism Study

Virtually every American has heard of the terror organization al-Qaeda, the perpetrator of the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. Few Americans realize that, prior to the 9/11 attack, the terror organization Hezbollah had killed more Americans than any other terror group; some 300 killed in six separate attacks, including 243 Marines in the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing. Open source intelligence analysis of Hezbollah examines how they evolved into their current crucial role of shaping the geostrategic and terror landscape of the Levant. In 1982, Hezbollah was founded as a Shiite extremist group that was inspired by the teachings of the Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini...

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Comparing All-Inclusive Vacation Resorts: How to Choose One

All-inclusive resorts give travelers great tourist options. Similar to a cruise, your entire trip is planned in advance, but (unlike a cruise) you have flexibility to leave the resort whenever you want. With an all-inclusive vacation, you pay one price and then you are done, which can be really nice for budgeting purposes. It also cuts down on the amount of planning you have to do – a definite advantage if you really want to relax on your trip. Not all resorts, however, are equal. With so many choices available, you might be overwhelmed when trying to decide which all-inclusive resort is right for you...

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Travel – Hotel Accommodations 101

“We find it uncomfortable when we stay in a place far away from our home. There are many things and routines that you would miss. Therefore, choosing a hotel wherein you will feel comfortable and at home is extremely important. Your choice of hotel is very important to your stay in a certain place as this will serve as your “”home”” away from home. And it also greatly affects your vacation or stay in that place.

However, this process of choosing a hotel can be frustrating and sometimes really difficult because you will be faced with many deals, offers and special promotions.

Primarily, you have to know what kind of accommodation you need and how much is your budget, and will you be needing a luxurious accommodation or a simple one.

You can then make a more targeted and accura...

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